For the last 4 years, Quimi Romar has been working on the efficient reduction of weight of its plastic packaging, helping 160 tons of plastic to stop circulating each year. In addition, this process has accelerated during the last year and there are already projects in progress to try to remove another 62 tons by 2023.

As a consumer goods manufacturer, Quimi Romar has been assuming its environmental responsibility and sustainability impact for the environment in the last years. Aware that every action counts, the company is immersed in various plans with direct or indirect impact in this type of areas. One of the most ambitious ones that is being achieved is the reduction of plastics in its packaging.

There has been a coordinated effort for years among the different involved company departments, with the goal of reducing the amount of plastic that circulates in the market in an efficient way and without affecting the quality and safety of the products. A challenge that is providing results.

This project has already achieved an annual reduction of use of almost 160 tons of plastic, which is beneficial for the environment and the consumer, and has not yet reached its peak. By 2023, there are already projects that could add another 62 tons per year to this number.

But not only efforts in reduction are being invested, the origin of the materials used for the production is also important. To date, the company is already working on projects for the possibility of using high percentages of recycled material in 60% of its plastic bottles. Launches have already been made in this area, such as the Garley Garden fertilizer line, which bottles contain between 30% and 50% recycled PE.

In addition to this, work is being done to improve the labeling of this type of attributes, so that consumers can be aware of the recyclability and origin of the packaging they are being offered so they can make a conscious decision and then act correctly at the moment of disposing the packaging. This way, the goal is that 100% of the labeling of the company’s private labels will be revised by 2023.

Another important point in the sustainability of the containers used at Romar is the fact that the company has an in-plant where the bottles with the highest turnover are blown, which go directly from the blower to the filling line. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint by saving the environment the damage that would be caused by transporting millions of bottles from other locations.

Quimi Romar has been a manufacturer of consumer perfumery and drugstore products for more than 50 years. Since 2019, it has been a member of the RGC group, in which its major shareholder is the investment fund GPF Capital along with the partners of Envasado Xiomara.