ROMAR GROUP “Best collaborating company”

On 17th May the Blasco Ibáñez Cultural Centre of Moncada held the “2017 VII Moncada Sports Show”, an event at which the Municipal Sports Foundation of the town rewards the work of outstanding clubs, entities, and sportsmen/sportswomen throughout the year.

The ROMAR GROUP was honoured to be among the prizewinners on this occasion as a company distinguished for its long-term selfless collaboration with local sport.

Although the group stands out for its strong export growth and its outstanding internationalisation, it has never failed to support local activities and to play an active part in the society of Valencia where its installations are located.

As representatives of the company, Miguel Gadea and Rashida Aatar attended the event to collect the prize for the “BEST COLLABORATING COMPANY OF 2017” and thank the Blasco Ibáñez Cultural Centre for their acknowledgement.