Romar Global Care is born

Following the acquisition of Romar Group by investment fund GPF Capital a few months ago, the individual companies involved in the deal have undergone an integration and synergies process, resulting in the creation of the ROMAR GLOBAL CARE (RGC) group.

RGC is a new business group formed of Quimi Romar, Agrado Cosmetic, Envasado Xiomara and Aerosoles Preval. The latter two companies have merged their facilities and business type at the existing Toledo plant, and their owners have become minority shareholders of the group, together with GPF.

With over 50 years’ experience in the sector and a multi-channel and international commitment, all these companies already focused their activity on manufacturing and distributing various hygiene, cosmetic and cleaning products.

The deal makes RGC the largest aerosol manufacturer in Spain, as well as one of the largest liquid manufacturers for its categories, with a combined turnover of 85 million Euros in 2019. In total the group has around 400 employees, 37 filling lines in two production plants (Toledo and Valencia), and an annual production that already exceeds 150 million units.

Although the companies that make up the group will continue to exist independently, specialising in their different areas, the benefit in synergies and production capacity has the potential to make RGC the sector leader, with great prospects for growth and consolidation.

It is worth noting that the current situation has put the recent creation of this group to the test: as much of RGC’s activity is focussed on manufacturing essential hygiene goods, such as hydroalcoholic gel, hand soaps or cleaning products, it has had to adapt its planning, shifts, and facilities to be able to respond to the growing demand. With millions of units manufactured and delivered in record time, the RGC alliance has shown that all its companies are now more prepared and agile enough to provide an exceptional response to an unprecedented situation like this.

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