RGC is committed to expanding its range of Automotive products

Romar Global Care begins the season by expanding and improving the range of Garley automotive products, its brand specialized in this category.

The group took advantage of the good moment that it has detected in the market for this type of products, together with the experience accumulated over years in its formulation, to now address a product expansion and image improvement of the already well-known Garley products. This new assortment is based on the fundamental pillars that this market demands: quality, design and competitiveness.

The first three products with the new Garley Auto image are designed to compete at the highest level in the specialized automotive sector:

  • Wheel Cleaner 650cc
  • Puncture Repair System
  • Air Conditioning Purifier

Wheel Cleaner

Powerful and effective: These are the 2 words that best describe the new Garley wheel cleaner. In addition, because it is designed in Aerosol format, it extremely facilitates the application of the product, being very comfortable and easy for the user. Its formula with fast-acting foam, careful with all types of rims and hubcaps, acts effectively obtaining a brilliant result without the need to rub.

Puncture Repair System

Simple and practical. Very effective puncture repair system designed for all types of tires (cars, vans, motorcycles…). This product is designed so that in a simple way you can inflate + repair the tire instantly and be able to go on.

Air Conditioning Purifier

The Garley purifier neutralizes bad odors and purifies the entire air conditioning system of the car. It stands out for its simplicity of use and effectiveness in its action. It simply must be activated and allowed to act for 10 minutes with the vehicle doors closed.

Not only cars… also bicycles. Garley Bike is born.

The bicycle sector has had a very high boom in recent years and RGC Group wants to promote it with the launch of two new products specialized in this sector:

  • Chain Grease
  • Puncture Repair System

Chain Grease

Its formula penetrates quickly and protects against corrosion thanks to its great adhesion. Provides long-lasting lubrication ensuring maximum performance in all conditions.

Puncture Repair System

Instantly repair and inflate your bicycle tires. Ideal in case of emergencies. It has an easy-to-handle format due to its smaller dimensions and simple application.

This product is valid for all types of bicycles.

RGC Group is the business group formed by Quimi Romar, Agrado Cosmetic and Envasados Xiomara. Its creation meant that RGC became the largest aerosol manufacturer in Spain, being the undisputed leader in this regard.

New products, a new image, highly tested formulas and an excellent quality/price ratio characterize the launch of the new products of the RGC Group, which continues to research and develop products with the aim of playing a very important role in this highly competitive automotive market.