Reporting channel

We are committed to protecting our values and principles, which is why we place the Reporting Channel at your disposal; it is a communication platform that allows the detection of irregularities by means of the current laws and internal regulations.

In order to be able to identify them and to anticipate, we trust our employees, clients, and suppliers. From here they can provide information in a confidential manner on unlawful conduct, irregularities, or violations of codes of conduct and also report any inadmissible event that is an outrage against Quimi Romar.

All the complaints received will be analysed and investigated, if appropriate, by the Compliance Committee with the aim being that the latter should take together with the aspects affected any suitable measures so as to make good the deficiencies detected; these measures will equally be followed up.

We would ask you to use this Reporting Channel in a responsible manner while avoiding abuse and bad faith. For this reason it is important that it only transmits information when it is convinced of its veracity.

If you wish to send your first notification please click here:

    Choose from the subjects on the following list that coinciding with the contents of your message:

    Financial offences and offences against heritage. The objective of financial offences is the obtaining of financial advantage by illegal means. Examples: Bribery, corruption, fraud, misappropriation , usurpation, embezzlementCompetition offences. Behaviour that has a detrimental effect on free competition. Examples: Attempts by third parties to influence our competitive behaviour; unfair or prohibited business practicesOffences concerning Data Protection. Offences against personal data protection regulations (internal/external). Examples: Unauthorised recording, processing, use, and transmission; unauthorised access; data loss and withdrawal; security faultsOther serious regulatory offences. Offences that may affect the salubriousness of the products that we market or other normative offences that may have serious consequences for the company. Examples: The security of production installations or offices. If you have knowledge of an incident that may constitute a serious health risk or a risk to life and thus requires immediate action, please approach immediately the contact person for such cases (for instance call the client helpline), as complaints are only read and processed during normal office hours.I seek advice. Whenever you require advice on circumstances affecting compliance with the regulations by the company, you can send us your request from here.Violation of the principles of fair business relations (check) (info) Examples: Resolution without advance notice or within a shorter period than that stipulated by law or agreed regarding the business relationship without a reasonable objective basis: unilateral retroactive changes not contractually contemplated, etc.

    Please state your complaint/enquiry with as much detail as possible:

    Who is involved in the event?
    When did the event occur?
    When did you observe or have knowledge of the event?
    When were you aware of the event?
    What have you observed or what were you aware of?

    Annex: You can send a file of up to 5 MB

    I have read the note

    Note on the sending of annexes: Files may contain hidden personal data that may endanger your anonymity. Delete these data before sending the files. If you cannot delete them, copy the text of your annex in your notification text or send the printed document anonymously indicating only the notification number, which you will receive at the end of the process, to the address of the recipient of the indication.

    I have understood and accept the instructions on my anonymity and the protection of my personal data during the use of the Reporting Channel and I agree. I have read and accept the privacy policy

    Security warning
    If you wish to preserve your anonymity the system is technically designed to protect it. For increased security the following points should be taken into account:

    • If you wish to remain anonymous, do not reveal your personal details, for example your name or your relationship with the person affected. Neither should you supply additional information that may lead to your identification.

    • Make sure that your Internet connection is a safe one represented by a padlock on your browser (bottom or top right).

    • As far as is possible do not use the computer at your workplace. A connection to the intranet could threaten your anonymity.

    Suggestion: Take into account the fact that we do not accept anonymous notifications concerning violations of good business practice or enquiries about compliance with the regulations.