Quimi Romar donates 10,000 units of its Sanitising Gel to the Public Health Service.

Quimi Romar, a company with a large production capacity for health, beauty and household products, is joining the initiative to do its bit during this difficult period for everyone, where society is fighting against the serious threat of Covid-19.

The company has donated 10,000 units of its Agrado Sanitising Gel to be used in Valencia’s hospitals. All goods have been delivered to the General Hospital in Valencia, where they will be assigned and distributed to the other hospitals and health centres in the area.

As a manufacturer with the ability to produce such necessary products as disinfectant gels, since the start of the crisis, it has increased its efforts to focus a large part of its production on products needed to cover this essential demand, such as high-alcohol sanitising gels, or others needed for cleaning or hand hygiene.

Together we will defeat Covid-19.