Quimi Romar was founded in 1968 and during the past 50 years has consolidated itself as a recognized leader in the production and distribution of personal care, cosmetics and homecare products.

Established as a family owned business, Quimi Romar has grown to employee over 250 people

During this period QUIMI ROMAR has evolved continuously through the hands of professionals aware of the need to constantly adapt to new and ever growing competitive surroundings.

Within our sector our Organization is recognized globally and products are in its due to the presence of our brands in over 70 countries.

Our catalogue has an offering of more than 800 references distributed across 40 different product families within both Personal Care and Homecare categories. Our flagship brands include Amalfi (personal care), Romar (clothing and air fresheners), Yuki Matón (insecticides), Garley (air fresheners and automotive care) and Destello (home surface cleaners). Such a wide range comfortably renders a complete solution to just about any personal and home care need. Individual consumer requirements are met with varied formats, sizes, fragrances, aromas, textures and usage methods.


Within QUIMI ROMAR we dedicate ourselves to the development, production and distribution of everyday use cosmetic, personal care and homecare products. Whilst strong in liquid products and possessing clean room facilities, our aerosol filling station is equipped to produce a number of formats and types of aerosol spray products. We take pride in looking after every detail throughout the process; from product conception, formulation, development, production, packaging, warehousing and subsequent distribution.

Amongst our strengths, the versatility shown by QUIMI ROMAR has been key to our success during this 50 year period. Such versatility is reflected through our ever-growing multi-channel approach on a global scale. People working with us are accustomed to adapting to our environment and do so by working with traditional retailers, advanced distribution chains, wholesalers and importers.

We provide proactive and innovative responses to our customers’ projects demands to ensure success in their business model.


QUIMI ROMAR is situated in Valencia (Spain) which is on the Mediterranean coastline. A strategic location for both maritime and land transport. Our infrastructure includes a surface area of 40.000m2 of which, 25.000m2 are devoted production and administration; main office, formulation plant, packaging plant and, our own manufacturing plant to blow plastic bottles (PE and PET).

Raw material warehousing covers 9.000m2 with 2 depots for storing chemical products; one for surfactants and another for flammable products.  Aside from this we have two logistic warehouses that were inaugurated in 2010. These combined store up to 12.000 pallets of end product.


QUIMI ROMAR implemented and successfully maintained the Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015. This standard of quality certifies our entire Production and Management processes within our organization.

Furthermore we are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regarding the manufacturing and packaging of our cosmetic products and there is a firm commitment to place this particular Practice to all products produced.


We understand the importance behind Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i). It is in fact the principle method to ensure we provide a successful business model for our customers. On one hand; we work on creating and developing new products to bring to the market using modern technology and on the other; to optimize costs and functionality of these products.

The result is an attractive commercially orientated end product, effective in use and which our customers can distribute at competitive prices.


Of our many commitments, one is to be responsible with the environment. By implementing and updating a modern Management System, we work towards reducing to a minimum the environmental impact which could be generated by our production activities. Furthermore, as a member of a number of Associations and regulated by internationally renowned.

Organizations, we are continuously in tune with current legal and sectorial requirements. Our Environmental Management System provides both our customers, consumers and ourselves the peace of mind necessary to realize ROMAR GROUP is committed to protect and create sustainability for our environment.